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Indoor LED clock – World Style

This multiple time zone clock is able to display up to 7 different times all at once. With the option of selecting cities from around the world.

Here and there

This international clock is designed for a multiple display: equipped with a dial measuring between 1 and 2 m long, it is able to display 3 to 7 different times all at once. With 5 cm high digits and an optimal viewing distance of 20 m, it is ideal for large spaces: airports, large companies, stock exchanges, etc. Not to mention its automatic time changeover. The time of each city is updated separately from the others according to its specific time zone.

You choose

Choose the number of cities you want from all over the world. Select the name of the cities to be displayed in Latin, Greek, Arabic, Cyrillic, Japanese or any other alphabet (sticker). Choose the LED colors and their brightness to customize your clock and refine the display.
Select the World Style at your image.




  • Dimensions: Min: 87.5 cm x 21.3 cm Max: 193.5 cm x 21.3 cm
  • Display mode: 12 hours or 24 hours
  • Character height: 5 cm (digits), 3 cm (letters)
  • Optimal viewing distance: 20 m (digits), 12 m (letters)
  • Reading angle: 120°
  • Eco mode: Yes
  • Use: Indoor
  • Time distribution: Independent, ALS radio, DCF radio, DHF, AFNOR, NTP/ETH and NTP/Wi-Fi.
  • Waterproof: No
  • Recess-mountable: No
  • Time change: Auto
  • Wall mounting: Yes
  • Ceiling mounting: No
  • Mast mounting: No
  • Power: 100 -240 VAC.

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