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Master clocks

Automatically synchronise a clock network to the same time base

The master clock is a programmer designed to transmit reliable, consistent time to a network of analogue, digital or tower clocks.

Advantages of Bodet Master Clock

The master clock also programs bell systems, lighting, heating, air conditioning and access control across wired or radio (DHF) networks.

  • Automatic time setting on all clocks.
  • Identical time on all clocks at the same location.
  • Automatic summer/winter time changeover.
  • Offers multiple output protocols for time distribution (Impulse, Wireless, NTP, AFNOR, etc.).
  • Available for wall mounting or rack fittings.


SIGMA configuration software

Our SIGMA software lets you configure master clocks (time outputs, add-on boards) and schedule bell and relay systems (air conditioning, heating): Intuitive interface, stores configurations and scheduling assistant.

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