4-Port Relay Board | PES-2401

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4-port Relay Board is a PHPoC smart expansion board, which is designed to control on/off high-voltage devices. By stacking on PHPoC Blue or Black, this board can be controlled by PHPoC Blue/Black via a definite set of commands, through a specific port.
Each 4-port Relay Board carries four relays. A single PHPoC Blue or Black can carry multiple 4-port Relay Boards.
Two different types of terminal blocks are available, based on the direction of the terminal screws. S-type can be screwed from the side, convenient when the multiple boards are stacked. T-type is screwed from the top of the board. The wire termination blocks are on the side of the board in both models.
Specification – 4 Relays NO (Normal Open)
– Maximum Voltage: DC 30V
– Maximum Current: 2A
– 1×8 5mm Pitch Terminal Block: S type, T type
– DIP Switch to Set Address (ID)
User Manual – [PES-2401] 4-Port Relay Board User Manual
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